Hey, my name is Mladen Macanović and I’m a software engineer and open-source contributor working from Split, Croatia. This is my personal blog where I plan to write about some problems and solutions that I have or had while doing my work.

My professional career as a developer started over 15 years ago, with first version(s) of .NET and C#, working mainly on enterprise applications. Over years I worked with ASP.NET WebForms, MVC, WebAPI for web oriented systems, and also on WinForms, DevExpress for native desktops apps. Working with SQL Server is also one of my strongest points.

Most recently (sometime around 2018), I discovered a new framework from Microsoft called Blazor. I fell in love immediately as soon as I started using it for my personal project. While working on it I built a component library that I felt would be useful to other people and after a while I decided to release it as an open-source project named Blazorise.

Blazorise was really soon accepted by the growing community and it’s now one of the most popular component library around. I must say I’m really proud how it all ended.

I’m also a father of a little boy and husband to a beautiful wife. When I’m not working in front of a computer, I usually go to the gym and do some CrossFit, or go for a walk with my wife and son.